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About the show

We have the perfect family treat for you this summer! So,

why not book your tickets now for our spectacular outdoor

show, Dotty the Dragon? Come along and meet Dotty the

baby fire dragon in this magical fairytale adventure for all

the family. Dotty will be flying along to a venue near

you this summer.

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Dotty is a baby Fire Dragon. She lives in a

dusty old castle with her grumpy dad, Mr Dragon.

She loves to watch the children playing in the village

below, and and wishes she could play with them, too!


One day Dotty has a brilliant idea - she will fly down to

the village and say hello! After all, everybody loves sur-

prises, don’t they? But will Dotty make new friends, or

will the village folk chase her back home again?


Fantastic fun for all the family

Performed in a host of open-air settings, this fantastic outdoor show for all

the family is full of charm. There are plenty of laughs, lots of surprises and

even a life-sized fire breathing dragon! Little people

aged 3+ will love this funny, laugh-out-loud tale.

But, big people will have lots of fun, too.

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Things to consider when booking an outdoor show

Please remember, this is an outdoor show, so bring along a blanket,

or low-backed seating. And if it rains, wear your wellies!


Don't forget to arrive early to bag the best spot, and if this is

your first Blunderbus outdoor show, remember the following:


  • Join in and have lots of fun!

  • We'll perform, whatever the weather

  • Bring a picnic, a blanket and/or low-backed seats

  • Save a sandwich for our poor, starving actors

  • Don't be late, or the actors may include you in the show!


Book tickets?

Dotty the baby fire dragon will be appearing at an outdoor venue

near you! There are plenty of laughs, lots of surprises and bags of

fun for everyone! Follow the Dotty the Dragon link above. It's so

easy to book your tickets, so why not book now?


This happy, funny show is especially for little monsters aged

3 - 7, and their grown-ups.

You will fall in love with Dotty

Meet Dotty, the most lovable little dragon in the land! Join her as she

takes her first steps into the big, scary, funny, 'human' world. Brought

to life by acclaimed Blunderbus Theatre, this big-hearted tale of true

friendship is told with magical songs, enchanting music and exquisite

It's the perfect show for all the family to enjoy.

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