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What to expect from an outdoor show

If this is your first Little Blue Monster experience, you are in for a treat!

Here are a few things to expect from Dogs Don't Do Ballet:


A funny tale of a little dog with very big dreams!

Please remember, this is an outdoor show. If it rains, the show

will go ahead regardless. Don't worry, as we provide waterproof

shelter so you stay nice and dry.


We are unable to offer reserved seating, but our venues do offer

a very comfortable freshly mowed lawn. So, bring along a blanket,

or low-backed seating, and don't forget to arrive early to bag the

best spot.

  • This is an outdoor performance

  • The show is suitable for ages 3+

  • It’s charming, funny and very playful

  • We use puppetry, songs and music

  • This show is interactive - join in and have fun

  • We perform whatever the weather

  • If it rains, we provide some waterproof cover

  • Arrive early, bring a picnic 

Book online:

Check out our tour dates page to find a venue near you, and then book

your tickets online.

Biff is not like other dogs. 

He doesn't do dog stuff like weeing on lampposts, or

scratching his fleas, or drinking out of the toilet.


No, Biff likes moonlight and music and walking on his

tip-toes. You see, Biff doesn't think he's a dog. He thinks

he's a ballerina!


One day, he decides to follow Lucy to ballet class, and

that's when the trouble begins...

This hilarious new show, performed in the great outdoors, features fantastic songs, foot-tapping tunes, fabulous puppets, and not for-getting Biff, the ballet-dancing dog! Little people aged 3+ will love

this funny, laugh-out-loud tale. Big people will have lots of fun, too.

How to book tickets?

Call our box office:  To book tickets over the phone, why not call

our dedicated booking line 0330 133 1063 where our friendly staff will be happy to take your call.





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